Coloring our niche in The Folk Arts with a broad brush, we offer to your stage and upon these pages a passionate group of musicians, writers, and artists whose work is a reflection of our shared history, our diversity, and creativity.



Scott Ainslie

Considered a master of American roots music, Scott Ainslie brings a wealth of personal and musical history to the stage. With engaging stories he provide historical context for a repertoire of Delta Blues and ragtime guitar, gospel, and music of the banjo and fiddle traditions of the Southern Appalachians.


The award winning Ameranouche (pronounced uh-Mare-uh-noosh) plays a passionate style of music they call “Gypsy Flamenco Swing.” They are veterans of the Newport Jazz Festival, Djangofest Northwest, Musikfest Bethlehem, PA and the National Press Club.


Dennis Stroughmatt et l'Esprit Creole

A vibrant blend of Celtic, Canadian and Old Time sounds, the music of l’Esprit Creolebridges gaps between contemporary Canadian and Louisiana Cajun styles. Preserved by families in the Ozark foothills, the music remains largely intact and true to the traditions that have been passed down over three centuries. 

Lee Murdock

Making folk music for the modern era, Lee Murdock’s work is an anthem to the people who live, work, learn and play along the freshwater highways of the Great Lakes. There is an amazing timelessness in this music. 


Reggie Harris

A songwriter of great depth and passion, Reggie Harris writes from a personal sense of mission that merges a world wise point of view with a singularly hopeful stance that life, though often challenging, is filled with possibility and hope. His songs reveal thoughts about life and love and some of the deep aspects of the human experience and cover topics from his own personal journey to world issues and history.


From the moment she moves onto the stage, Shanta encircles her audience in an unforgettable experience of creativity and culture. Shantas performances feature not only stories, but also poetry, chants, and the spellbinding sound of African instruments. 

Blue Horizon, Artists of Note

Blue Horizon

Lifted by the momentum of a long career devoted to the lore of the sea, Blue Horizon is a new group of musicians who share Lee Murdock’s passion for music and innovation. Folk trio or quartet performing Murdock’s distinctive repertoire, with a rhythmic undercurrent provided by drums and Celtic roots. 

Kim & Reggie Harris

Consummate musicians and storytellers, Kim & Reggie Harris are a mini festival of diversity, combining traditional African-American Spiritual and Freedom songs with original folk, they sing of life, love, the quest for freedom and care for the environment.

Artists of Note Kim and Reggie Harris

Ray Price Cherokee Cowboy Tribute

Growing up to the sounds of the Grand Ole Opry, Dennis Stroughmatt was born into country music. Friends have joked that Ray Price was his vocal coach. Hearing Ray Price’s Cherokee Cowboys booming through the stereo speakers made him want to sing and dance.

Creole Stomp

Creole Stomp has captured the ears and the feet of Louisiana music fans across North America. A recognized African Creole and French Creole Fiddle master, bandleader Dennis Stroughmatt has journeyed to three corners of North America in his quest to learn about the music traditions and French culture. 



About Us

A small agency by design, Artists of Note provides exclusive representation for a select group of nationally touring performing artists. Coloring our niche in The Folk Arts with a broad brush, we offer to your stage and upon these pages a passionate group of musicians, writers and artists whose work is a reflection of our shared history, our diversity, and creativity.

Grounded in the Humanities, these artists have a deep understanding of the origins of their repertoire, and a long history of touring and sharing this knowledge in performance, workshops and arts in education. From this limited roster, we offer potential for live arts experiences that will bring a profound sense community and personal connection to those who share in them. We take pride in fostering and maintaining long-term Artist relationships, and we stand behind these artists because of our long-shared experience.

With more than 25 years of service to the arts community as both artists and presenters, we’ve had the pleasure to work with many wonderful people. Our family of talented artists are among the best in original music and storytelling. Through their art we can experience an inherent joy, compassion and insight into who we are and our relationships to the world we live in, as well as a vision for what could be.

 Please take the time to become familiar with each of the artists on our roster, then contact us for specific booking information or inquiries.