The Best of the Pete Seeger Tributes: Lincoln Center and more

Amram Concert Poster 2

2.2 mb jpeg file 3861 x 2574 pixel photo credit R.L. Geyer

2.2 mb jpeg file 3861 x 2574 pixel photo credit R.L. Geyer

At the bottom of this post is the  link to the video of Lincoln Center Out Of Doors’ August Concert honoring Pete and Toshi Seeger and their legacy, on July 20,2014. If you will excuse our use of this tired phrase, it truly was “an all-star event” part of The full-length video is definitely worth watching, plan a 3-hour “movie night.”

On August 23, 2014, Kim & Reggie performed a one hour concert Saluting the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, and including a Tribute to Pete Seeger, as part of Harlem Week festivities in New York.

Coming Up:  On Thursday, November 20, 2014, Kim & Reggie will be part of the Long Island Celebration of David Amram’s 84th Birthday and “Remembering Pete Seeger,” also featuring Peter Yarrow, Tom Chapin, Holly Near, Guy Davis, Garland Jeffreys, Joel Rafael, The Amigos and more.

There have been many many other deserving tributes to Pete, all over the country, but here is the link to the Lincoln Center/SeegerFest concert.  I’ve cued this YouTube to start with Reggie’s introduction of the song he wrote to celebrate Pete’s life, titled High Over the Hudson.

(This full-length video is well worth an evening’s entertainment!)