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This page provides answers to the most common questions we receive about our services. If your question is not answered here, contact us online or by phone at 630-557-2742.

Q  I am a touring performer. How can I be considered for representation on the Artists of Note roster?

Our roster is currently closed. We are not considering new artists for exclusive booking.  

Joann Murdock is a seasoned music business professional with experience in folk arts, storytelling, and children’s theater. Our services are limited to special projects and consulting. If you are seeking career direction or other special projects feel free to contact us with your specific needs.   or 630-557-2742

Q  I am interested in a possible booking with the Humanities Community Outreach series in Southwest Kansas. How can I be considered for this?

We are always looking for new speakers, storytellers, and musicians for a five-day performer-in-residence series in Southwest Kansas. Artists of Note manages the contract for a long-running series of about 18 performances for active seniors, high school and college students (no children’s shows), in Coffeyville Kansas.

We book about 24 different people a year during the academic semester, for a Monday-Friday one week series. in May and June, we also book a mini-residency, about a half week. This is an unusual program which seeks to bring live performances and diverse experiences in an expansive landscape of humanities experiences. This might include a musical program on a theme, or a one-person theater show, a lecture, a look behind the scenes at magic, and more. This is a unique program, and both the community and the performers find this to be a strong learning experience.

This is a series of one-week residencies (we only hire you for one week), and it is a great opportunity for performers to fill those pesky mid-week days on the road, and for performers to try out new material and new audiences. If you would like more information on the midwest humanities series, use this signup link, as we do most of our booking from this emailing list. (This is a mailchimp list, so you will be able to freely subscribe or unsubscribe later if the program ceases to be of interest to you).

If you would like more information about the requirements to be a performer in this series, please send me an email to asking for info about performing for the humanities seriesl. We will send you an email description. Please include your phone number and your web site in your inquiry.

Once you sign up via the signup link above, you will receive a “call for proposals” email two or three times a year.

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